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Custom Laser Barriers

While meeting your facility's budget is always your concern, we can custom design Laser Safety Curtains IN ANY WIDTH OR LENGTH, on conventional tracking or in panel systems, flat fold Roman shades, and our most reasonable product for small windows ... Window Cover. All products are sewn with double- and triple-reinforced seams, and are available in Black or White.

Let us work with you to determine which application best suits your needs, and your budget requirements. Keep in mind Laser Curtains must meet basic requirements of burn rate and flame retardant.

For more information regarding Laser Curtains or Laser Barriers, contact Ryan Phillips at 888-440-9797 ext. 111 or email

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Laser curtains confine a laser's beam, ensuring a safe working environment for technicians in laser spectroscopy laboratories and other facilities. Safety curtains are the perfect laser barrier for hospitals as well as for medical and dental offices.


Laser barriers protect workers against the accidental and chronic occupational eye and skin exposure that results from reflective laser radiation and broadbent optical radiation generated by laser plume.

Laser curtains conform to recommendations of national industry standards. As the American Nationals Standards Institue reports in publication 4.6.2, "...Enclosure of the laser equipment or beam path is the preferred method of control, since the enclosure will isolate or minimize the hazard."