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Prescription Laser Glasses

Looking for prescription laser safety glasses? In addition to the non-prescription laser safety glasses we make, we also make prescriptions in several laser safety filters. If you are not interested in using a fitover to accommodate your prescription glasses while working with your laser, you've come to the right place.

We process prescriptions into several of our glass laser safety filters at our in-house glass optical lab, in several of our most popular laser safety frames. If you need prescription glasses and laser safety, browse our selection here to see if your filter is available in prescription. All prescription laser glasses are polished and edged to rigid ANSI Z80.1, Z136.1, and Z136.3 standards.


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Filter Name

Filter Specification



Specs (PDF)

AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2

Frame Options



OD 4+ @870-950nm
OD 5+ @950-1000nm
OD 7+ @1000-1550nm
OD 4+ @1550-2750nm
OD 6+ @2800-11,000nm



 Excellent Visibility  


Alexandrite/Diode High Light Transmission

Frame Options



OD 2+ @632nm
OD 3+ @650-690nm
OD 6+ @690-1000nm
OD 7+ @2900-10600nm






Frame Options



OD 5+ @190-370nm
OD 6+ @10600nm 





Flashlamp 2 (FL37)

Frame Options


OD 1.5+ @550-1100nm
OD 3+ @620-1050nm