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Laser Safety Windows

Our laser safety windows, laser safety domes, and laser safety sheets enable the safe viewing of lasers and are perfect for laser rooms and enclosures. Our filters come in many standard colors appropriate for most laser applications, and we can also customize special laser safety windows and domes to suit your needs. Our laser safety sheets can be ordered cut to special sizes and shapes to fit a variety of applications such as doors and viewing ports, and the standard sizes on our laser safety domes fit most requirements.



Laser Acrylic Sheeting

Laser Acrylic Windows come in a standard 3mm thickness and conform to ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI Z136.3 for laser safety. They offer great optical clarity and scratch protection.



Laser Filter Glass

Laser Glass Windows conform to ANSI Z136.1 and ANSI Z136.3 for laser safety and come in a standard 3mm thickness. Glass sheeting is generally used when higher optical densities and higher visual light transmission (VLT) are needed.



Laser Safety Windows Customization

Custom sizes and shapes in glass or acrylic for finished workstation viewing ports, optical table enclosures, and specialty applications are available upon request. All glass and acrylic is cut in-house to rigid tolerances. Please call 888-440-9797 or email us at for prices on custom sizes and shapes.