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Loupes and Magnifiers
Phillips safety offers high quality dental and surgical loupes for dentists, hygienists, surgeons or anyone else who requires high magnification. Our Keplerian and Galilean loupes come in multiple frame options and colors and offer a standard one-year warranty against manufacture defect. All loupes come standard with anti-reflective and anti-fog coatings on the optical lenses of the loupes, and our high quality lightweight dental light will clip on to any dental loupe out there.
Flip-Up Loupes 2.5-3.5x   Flip-Up Loupes 4.0-8.0x   Clip-On Loupes   Headlamps
Galilean loupes in magnifications ranging from 2.5x-3.5x for common dental cleanings and simple procedures.   Keplerian prism loupes in magnifications ranging from 4.0x-8.0x for surgeries and fine dental work.   Clip-on loupes come in lower magnifications and are designed to fit on most prescription eyewear frames and safety glasses.   Loupe head lamps designed to clip directly onto our loupes for precisely directed illumination. Smooth illumination adjustment for maximum brightness or battery life.
  Prescription Loupes   Radiation Loupes  
  Prescription eyewear with any of our flip-up loupes permanently attached. Featuring removable side shields.    Magnifying x-ray attenuating loupes in any of our current magnifications. 0.5mm Pb-equivalent optical-quality German leaded glass lenses in flat frame.