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MRI Safety Products
Phillips Safety's MRI safety line includes mobile leaded barriers, mobile utility cards, prism glasses, and safety signage. Our carts and barriers are non-magnetic and essential for any MRI suite. Prism glasses allow MRI patients to view the room outside the magnet, relieving their anxiety. MRI safety signage warns patients and staff of the presence or MRI magnets. Browse our selection or give us a call to learn more about our MRI safety products.
MRI-Safe Mobile Leaded Barriers   MRI Prism Glasses   MRI-Safe Mobile Carts   MRI Safety Signage   MRI-Safe Tools & Accessories
MRI-safe mobile leaded barriers are non-magnetic, portable, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Custom barriers are available upon request.    MRI prism glasses allow patients to see outside the bore of the magnet to the room beyond, relieving any claustrophiic anxiety.    Mobile carts are essentional pieces of equipment for MRI suites. They are portable and can be easily moved between stations, and they can hold linens, tools, or any other MRI-related accessories.   Safety signage is essentional to any MRI environments, designation for patients and staff the different zones in the MRI suite.   In addition to equipment, Phillips Safety offers a number of tools and accessories made of special non-magnetic materials that are perfect for use in a Magnetic Resonance Environment.
MRI Step Stool  


Mri Step stools are made of healthcare        Grade PVC Frame. Reinforced at all stress  related areas. Mri Step Stool comes with or withour rails.