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Other Safety Products
Phillips Safety products manufactures a number of specialty eyewear products for specialized application, including MRI glasses, strain-reducing computer glasses and low vision products. Our ability to manufacture high quality specialized eyewear for whatever application or need our customers may have has earned us a reputation for excellence in the industry.
MRI Glasses   Low Vision Readers   Clip-Ons   StrainCutters Computer Glasses
Non-magnetic prism glasses for use in MRI or for television or reading without lifting the head. Optical-quality prisms create crisp, non-mirrored viewing at a 90 degree angle.   High magnification in one lens with a blockout lens for the other eye. Aids in reading for those with low vision.   Removable, universal clip-ons for portable magnification for reading. Attaches to sunglasses and prescription eyewear.   Protect your eyes from harmful blue wavelengths of light that emit from computer screens, smart phones, and TVs, greatly reducing eye fatigue, wear and tear on your eyes, and other side effects associated with LED screens.