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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Phillips Safety offers a variety of shielding, containers and protective equipment for those working with radiactive materials in the field of nuclear medicine.


L-Block Shields


L-Block shields provide protection while working with low and high energy gamma emitting radionuclides.


L-Block Shield Lead Caves


L-Block Shield Lead Caves  protect your work area from from radiation.


Dose Calibrator Shields


Dose Calibrator Shields are designed to maximize space in facilities receiving and preparing doses of high-energy nuclides.


Shielded Waste Decay Barrels


These rugged containers will meet your needs for both short and long term storage of radiopharmaceuticals for decay.


Shielded Waste Containers


Shielded Waste Container has 0.25” lead shielding and is ideal for the rapid and safe disposal of gloves and other small items. 


Rectangular Lead Containers


These shielded containers are ideal for the storage and shipment of radioactive materials.


Lead-Lined Storage Safe


 The lead-lined storage safe is ideal for the storing large quantities of radioisotopes.


Shielded Sharps Containers 

 Shielded sharps containers provide a simple, safe and convenient solution for the disposal of used syringes that may be contaminated with high-energy radionuclides. 


Shielded Generator Containment Cabinets 

 Phillips Safety offers Shielded Generator Containment Cabinets to safely shield generators in a nuclear pharmacy.