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L-Block Shield Lead Caves

L-Block Shield Lead Caves 


   • Any thickness of lead
   • Solid lead encased in steel or interlocking lead bricks encased in steel
   • Custom designs available


Phillips Safety offers two standard L-Block Shield Lead Caves to shield your work area.


The Model 6-2.5-202016 is constructed of solid lead that is encased in stainless steel. It is shipped in three pieces and easily bolted together by the customer. The front piece weighs 150 lbs. and each of the two side pieces weigh 112 lbs.


The Model 6-2-202016 is constructed of interlocking lead bricks that are encased in stainless steel.


As with all of our products, we will be happy to design and manufacture a custom L-Block shield cave to meet your exact specifications.


Model Number Lead Shielding (in.) Width (O.D.) (in.) Depth (O.D.) (in.) Height (in.)
6-2-202016 2 18 24 16
6-2.5-202016 2.5 18 24 16


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