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Phillips Safety Products manufactures a wide range of radiation safety products, including leaded eyewear, radiation mobile leaded barriers, radiation shielding glass, leaded apron racks, signage, and a full line of protective equipment for those working in the field of nuclear medicine. Our products assure maximum protection against harmful radiation in hazardous work environments, and we offer the highest attenuation ratings on the market.
  Radiation Safety Eyewear   Radiation Apron Racks   X-Ray Leaded Mobile Barriers  
  Eyewear is designed for maximum comfort, weight distribution, and style. Wraparound frame styles, fitover frames, and prescriptions available.   Durable, electo-magnetic powder-coated, leaded apron racks. Custom sizes available.   Manufactured entirely in-house, our mobile radiation barriers offer the highest attenuation anywhere. Custom sizes available.  
  Radiation Control Booths   Shielding Glass   Radiation Signage  
  Leaded, radiation-protective booths and vaults provide a safe working space for operators in hazardous environments.   Polished and cut in-house, our shielding glass has a 2.0mm lead equivalency. Cut to standard sizes and shapes, or call for custom.   Phillips radiation signage complies with radiation safety standards and ensures the safety and well being of patients, visitors and staff.  
  Lead Markers   Lead Sheet and Construction Production   Nuclear Medicine  
  The Phillips Lead Markers provide a customizable way to mark your x-ray images.    Phillips Safety offers a variety of lead sheets and lead-lines construction materials for radioactive working environments.   Phillips Safety offers a variety of shielding, containers and protective equipment for those working with radiactive materials in the field of nuclear medicine.