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Phillips Safety Resource Center  

Welcome to the resource center at At Phillips Safety, we believe that one of the most important rules of running a business is to inform you, the customer, so you can make intelligent choices that will completely satisfy your needs. For this reason, we make custom videos that address a wide variety of optical topics ranging from How to Find Your Pupil distance to Entering Your Prescription Online. We also have dozens of videos spotlighting the features of some of our best-selling protective glasses.

Many of our videos are written and created by the employees of With our extensive knowledge in the eye industry and personal relationships with our customers, these optical videos have been hand-selected and edited to accommodate your thirst for knowledge.

So please browse this page and watch the videos as many times as you like. If you have any thoughts or comments, we are always open for suggestions. And if you have any further questions after watching these videos, please contact one of our online opticians: they are the best in the business.





Phillips Product Catalogs
Download Phillips Safety's product line catalogs.


Flare Reduction Welding Lenses
High-quality glass and plastic products which can be used to improve your vision during welding by reducing flare and increasing contrast. 






Welcome To Phillips Safety Products Inc.


KG-5 Laser Safety Glasses Tested With a Real Laser




Phillips Safety Super Blue Drop In Welding Lens


Wiley X Rush Matte Black Radiation Eyewear




Wiley X Abby Express Brown Radiation Eyewear


Wiley X P-17 Gloss Black Radiation Eyewear




How to select the Right Lens/Filter for Glassworking


Glassworking Split Lens


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