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Welding Safety Products
Phillips Safety's welding safety line includes torching and brazing eyewear, glass window sheeting, and welding lenses that are suited for all welding applications. Our welding green lens offers excellent protection from harmful IR, UV, and bright light associated with welding. We stock shades from 4-14, as well as gold mirror-coated lenses, eyewear for specialty applications, cobalt blue lenses, and green sheeting in stock and custom sizes. All of our welding filters are made of the highest-quality German glass with no distortion, striations, or bubbles that might be found in other welding lenses. Browse our selection or give us a call to learn more about our welding products.
Welding Clip-Ons   Torching and Brazing Eyewear   Welding Lenses   Glassworking Window Sheeting
Clip-On Flip-Up welding safety eyewear in all shades. Frame options tailored to suit the specific needs of welders.    Torching and brazing eyewear in all shades. The frames are lightweight and extremely durable. They come with glass lens and protective side shields.    Flat lenses for goggles, helmets, and masks in standard sizes and shades, as well as standard welding shades with added protection from sodium flare for working with cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Standard and custom sizes and shapes available upon request.   Glass welding sheets for windows, glory hole viewing, and special applications. Custom shapes and sizes available upon request.