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Clip-On Flip-Ups

Clip-on flip-ups for use in molten metal observation and cutting applications are available in our most common welding shades of Green IR and Cobalt Blue glass. They come in styles that hook onto every sort of eyewear and most hard hats and Bump Caps. Clip-on flip-ups come in metal frames with glass lenses for use with regular glasses, hard hats, bump caps or with metal universal clips and plastic lenses for use with most styles of eyewear. Clip-on flip-up lenses are optical quality glass and plastic.


Welding Safety Clip-on Flip-Ups Filter Options

Green Shade 4.0 Green Shade 5.0 Green Shade 6.0 Green Shade 8.0
Cobalt Blue 4.0 Cobalt Blue 5.0 Cobalt Blue 6.0 Cobalt Blue 8.0

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