Video: Laser Safety Glasses for Laser DMX

MAY 21

Video: Laser Safety Glasses for Laser DMX

By phillips-safety

Laser safety glasses are vital when working with high-powered lasers that can cause burns, but what about laser DMX—like lasers used in light shows?

Why Use Laser Safety Glasses for Laser DMX?

Laser Safety Glasses for Laser DMXMany people tend to think that these lasers are safe because they are used in public settings, at laser light shows and concerts, with no apparent damaging effect on the audience. These lasers, typically called a digital multiplex (DMX) laser, are indeed safe for viewing in this context, but they are capable of damaging the eyes or causing eye fatigue or headaches for programmers working with the laser for hours on end in preparation for a show.

Laser DMX programmers can benefit from laser safety glasses and goggles because:

  • They reduce eye strain after long hours of laser viewing.
  • They protect your eyes from damage associated with direct beam exposure in the eye.
  • They help reduce headaches and blurry vision associated with laser programming.
  • They enhance your ability to perform detailed, up-close adjustments and operations in situations where brightness affects your visual acuity.
  • They look cool during the show!

We discovered this video on YouTube a few years ago, and, now that we have a blog, we wanted to share it with all of you. The video shows what our laser safety glasses can do to prevent eye fatigue or damage from working for long hours programming DMX lasers. It was made by a friendly Australian by the name of John, in an effort to educate others interested in laser safety for DMX programming. In the video, you’ll get to see both how our glasses can aid in the viewing of lasers for long periods of time, and how well the appropriate glasses can attenuate a laser beam.

Please take a minute to check out John’s video! It’s definitely an interesting watch, and it’s always cool to see laser technology at work.

If you are interested in protecting your eyes during DMX programming, consider investing in a pair of our glasses. Just contact us and we’ll let you know which glasses are right for the laser you’re working with. Vision is our most heavily-relied-upon sense, and you should be able to do what you love without damaging your eyes!

 Thanks again for making the video, John! We really appreciate your business and support. Hooroo!

Do you work with Laser DMX? How do you protect your eyes from strain and fatigue?

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