Phillips Safety’s New Website Improves User Experience

MAY 21

Phillips Safety’s New Website Improves User Experience

By cosmick

Phillips Safety Products

The brand new Phillips Safety website improves upon the shopping experience for customers seeking protective eyewear.

A Better User Experience with the New Phillips Safety Site

For the past 10 years, Phillips Safety has been proud to be a go to source for a wide variety of protective eyewear—serving everyone from welders and glassblowers to x-ray and radiation technicians.

We have strived to bring the highest quality materials in the latest designs and fashions, protecting your eyes from chemicals, harmful UV rays, lasers, radiation and many other optical hazards. And in turn, you’ve helped us to become a leading global manufacturer for occupation safety glasses.

Now, with our new website, we hope to return the favor by offering you a better customer experience. We’ve tapped into the power of Magento, a powerful eCommerce framework that will allow us to serve your needs in new and exciting ways.

These are just a few of the features the new Phillips Safety website has to offer:

  • Bigger, high resolution images
  • A zoom-in feature for close-up details
  • List and grid-style browsing views
  • Multiple sort orders: see our products by Newest, Best-Selling, or Brand
  • Filters: zero in on the exact products you need based on your criteria
  • A cleaner interface with more space and less clutter
  • A speedier check out at the end of your visit
  • Wish List and Send to a Friend functionality

The most important aspect of our business is meeting the needs of our customers. With the launch of the newly redesigned Phillips Safety website, we look to improve the way you shop for our safety glasses by offering you a clean, flexible interface, a fast, optimized search engine, and a simple, versatile shopping cart. As we continue to grow and expand upon the diverse lines of industry-leading safety eyewear that we offer, we will listen to your wants and needs and always strive to ensure that we are meeting them to the best of our ability.

Please take a moment to explore and familiarize yourself with our website.

View the New Phillips Safety Website

Remember to let us know what you think of the new website by leaving us a comment below. What can we do to make your experience even better? 

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