Lead Glasses for Radiology

JUN 27

Lead Glasses for Radiology

By phillips-safety

Wondering why lead glasses are important for radiology? Radiation safety glasses are very important if you’re regularly exposed to x-ray radiation.

Radiology and the Need for Lead Glasses

Leaded glasses are an essential part of radiology procedures where you are regularly exposed to x-ray radiation. If your eyes are regularly exposed to x-rays at work and you do not wear radiation safety glasses, you run the risk of getting early diagnosis cataracts and possibly other eye conditions which could lead to blindness.

Medical professionals exposed to x-ray radiation on a regular basis generally wear lead aprons, gloves, and other accessories to protect their bodies from repeated exposure to x-rays. Your eyes should be treated no differently. Before leaded glasses were around, radiologists and fluoroscopists were coming down with cataracts when they should not have. It was this unfortunate side effect of repeated eye exposure to x-rays that lead radiation safety glasses to be made.

If you’re wondering why or whether you need lead glasses, here’s what you need to know:

  • Leaded glasses attenuate x-ray radiation that passes through their lenses. This attenuation prevents much of the harmful x-rays you’re exposed to during fluoroscopy or radiology from getting to your eyes on a regular basis.
  • Repeated exposure of any body part to x-ray radiation can lead to harmful and sometimes permanent side effects.
  • If your career involves regular exposure to x-ray radiation, it is essential that you protect yourself from repeated exposure. Before lead glasses were invented, doctors and technicians were at serious risk of cataracts from years of regular eye exposure to x-rays.
  • Even if you do not work in fluoroscopy or radiology every day, wearing leaded glasses on the occasions when you are exposed is a good idea. Repeated exposures can have cumulative effects.
  • If you are wearing lead protection during any procedure, you should also be wearing leaded glasses. Radiation safety glasses protect your most important sense. When protecting the rest of your body, why would you leave out your eyes?

Leaded glasses are essential for those who work in an environment where they are regularly exposed to x-ray radiation, especially doctors performing procedures in fluoroscopy. Without protection, your work can be detrimental to your health. Radiation safety glasses are crucial to your well-being.

An interesting fact is that, in Europe, radiation safety glasses with lead in the lenses are required in fluoroscopy and radiology procedures where doctors and technicians are exposed to x-rays. In America, though, this requirement depends on the hospital’s rules and regulations. This will probably change, but it is the current state of affairs. Are you willing to be one of the medical professionals contributing to the statistic of health issues associated with x-rays that leads to America following Europe’s lead, or will you practice safety and common sense even when it’s not required of you?

If you have any questions about lead glasses or radiation safety, leave them in the comments! We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

  1. Desiree Carmona says:

    Good day I am inquiring if you change the lens of my leaded safety eyeglasses. One side is broken. and how much it cost.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Justine Hintze says:

    how can I get a pair of radiation protection glasses?

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