Our Capabilities

JUN 07

Our Capabilities

By phillips-safety

Phillips Safety specializes in safety eyewear, but we do more than just safety glasses.

Phillips Safety’s Capabilities

Phillips Safety Lab EquipmentWe are constantly trying to expand our capabilities. Our facility houses two optical labs, a full machine shop, a glass fining area, a glassblowing stopper machine, and a plano eyewear assembly line. We employ over 40 hardworking people, and on any given day you may find somebody welding downstairs while somebody else is moving several tons of glass lens blanks into the loading doors while another person is polishing a prescription for a pair of prescription laser safety glasses. At the same time, in another part of our building, someone else may be engraving a doctor’s name onto the side of a pair of radiation safety glasses, while one of our sales reps is explaining which glasses to use for observing a concrete furnace.

We do our best to cater to the specific needs of the markets we serve, which is why our product line is continuously expanding both via new eyewear and through the manufacturing of safety equipment and accessories aside from eyewear.

Our Equipment and a Sample of the Capabilities It Allows Us:

  • Optical labs. We have full glass and plastic optical labs in-house, allowing us to do safety glasses in prescription. We do many laser, x-ray, glassblowing, welding, and industrial safety glasses in prescription.
  • Plano assembly line. We have a section of our edging area dedicated to producing hundreds of non-prescription, or plano, safety glasses every day. Our company receives blanket orders that require hundreds to thousands of safety glasses to be produced on a regular basis, so we have staff dedicated to the production of plano safety glasses.
  • Machine shop. Our facility houses a full machine shop, which has allowed us to expand our safety line into areas like radiation safety barriers. When our customers let us know that there is a niche that needs filling, our engineers find a way to fill it.
  • Glass fining area. Much of the glass lenses we use, we purchase by the ton. We often have the glass melter ship us the entire glass melt because of how much glass we go through here, between laser safety, radiation safety, glassblowing safety, and welding safety. We take the raw lens blanks from the glass melter and turn them into finished plano lenses and semi-finished prescription-ready lenses in our glass fining area.
  • Sheet glass production area. We also have all the tools necessary to polish and cut sheet glass for windows, lenses, or special shapes.
  • Glassblowing stopper machine. We currently own one of the only glassblowing stopper machines in existence. This machine is capable of creating stoppers for glassblowing out of neoprene or silicone by cutting them out of a single block, making all the pieces nest perfectly inside each other.
  • Laser engraver. This thing’s pretty cool. We have a laser engraver capable of etching logos, laser wavelength specifications, and names onto frames and lenses. It’s also capable of cutting when we need it to.
  • Pad printer. We have two pad printing machines for printing logos and wavelength specs on frames and lenses as well.

If you are curious about whether we can make something for you, we probably can as long as it’s physically possible that it can be made. We are constantly trying to expand our product lines into ever more industries and specific uses, so we’re always excited to get asked about something we don’t do yet.

We don’t do everything. There are a few things that we don’t do enough of yet to warrant bringing it in-house, but we’re growing. Our goal is always to produce something enough that it is worth it to do it in-house. We are extremely proud of the growth our company has had since its creation.

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If you have any questions about what we can do, or ideas about what we could be doing, drop us a comment below or contact our customer support team. We would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for reading and, as always, stay safe!

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