How to Know Your Laser Glasses Protect Your Eyes

AUG 23

How to Know Your Laser Glasses Protect Your Eyes

By phillips-safety

Want to make sure that you’re wearing the right laser glasses?

“Are My Laser Glasses Protecting My Eyes?”

Laser Safety GlassesLaser safety glasses must be specified for the right laser if they’re going to protect your eyes, and choosing the wrong pair can have disastrous results.

Checking whether your laser glasses protect your eyes is as simple as checking whether the wavelengths printed on the glasses match your laser, and whether the Optical Density, or OD, rating on the laser glasses is high enough.

In general, you’re going to want an OD higher than 5 at the wavelength your laser operates at, though some situations call for higher or lower OD ratings.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re wondering how to know your laser glasses protect your eyes:

  • Laser glasses are marked to protect at specific wavelengths. Check the wavelength ranges on the glasses to see if they match the wavelength(s) your laser operates at.
  • Along with the wavelengths, Optical Densities (OD) are marked on the glasses for each wavelength range. Higher optical densities mean higher protection.
  • Optical densities above 5 are generally good enough for blocking powerful lasers.
  • Optical densities between 2 and 3 are generally used for laser alignment, where the laser is powered down and turned on so the beam can be aligned.
  • It’s always a good idea to check with your Laser Safety Officer (LSO) to make sure your laser glasses protect your eyes before using them yourself.

Laser glasses are vital to the safe operation of lasers, and they should be purchased with care to ensure that they provide the level of protection required to keep your eyes safe.

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Still not sure if your laser glasses protect your eyes? Give us a call or leave a comment below! It’s better to be completely sure than to sorry that you’re going to suffer a terrible accident because your eyes may not be protected.

Many lasers are capable of causing permanent and debilitating damage to your eyes with only a small fraction of a second’s exposure to them. Make sure you’re not at risk! It’s crucial to know that your laser glasses protect your eyes. If they don’t, we have a pair that does, and we’ll help you find the one that’s best for your laser. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!


  1. Ohad says:

    Are 800-1100 mn (red colur) glasses protect against ipl hair removel treatment?

    • rxsafety says:

      I have never seen red as an IPL glass before. I have seen green and brown but not read. I would check with the company to make them before using.

  2. Lynn Henderson says:

    Need glasses for ND yag 532 1064 and black doll treatment

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