IPL Glasses with Brown Enhancement Lenses

AUG 03

IPL Glasses with Brown Enhancement Lenses

By phillips-safety

Looking for better IPL glasses than the traditional green glass lens glasses?

Brown Enhancement Lenses for IPL Glasses

Brown-colored sunglasses are used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday sunglasses wearers alike because brown offers contrast enhancement and improvements to visual acuity. IPL glasses with brown enhancement lenses use a special polycarbonate IPL lens to offer all the same protection of the green lenses, with the added bonus of contrast enhancement and increases in visual acuity.

IPL lenses block the bright light emitted by intense pulsed light lasers. Their main purpose is to reduce the amount of visual light that comes through the lens so that the bright flashes do not harm the user’s eyes.

In the past, green glass lenses were most common for IPL glasses. The creation of brown IPL glasses with polycarbonate lenses has improved the ease of operating IPL lasers as well as reduced the weight of the eyewear itself.

If you’re interested in getting the best IPL glasses around, here’s why IPL glasses with brown enhancement lenses are a great choice:

  • IPL glasses with brown enhancement lenses offer contrast enhancement, improving your visual acuity while you work. Multi-lasers, or lasers that emit beams of several wavelengths, require especially technologically-advanced laser eyewear to ensure that protection exists from all wavelengths.
  • Brown IPL laser safety glasses offer better color recognition than the traditional green glasses, making them safer to work with.
  • Brown IPL laser safety glasses offer the added benefit of reduced weight compared to the traditional green glass lenses, making the eyewear more comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time.
  • IPL glasses with brown enhancement lenses offer all the protection of green IPL laser safety glasses.
  • If you’ve never used brown enhancement lenses while working with your intense pulsed light laser, you are sure to love the difference they make.

IPL safety glasses are important to the safe operation of the laser. If you use an IPL laser for hair removal or photo rejuvenation, you should be wearing safety glasses.

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Brown enhancement IPL safety glasses are lightweight, enhance visual acuity, come in more frame choices than green glass, and create a more comfortable (and therefore safer) working environment for you and your patients. If you have any questions about our brown IPL lenses, give us a call or leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

If you have questions about our photochromic safety glasses or what’s right for you, give us a call or leave a comment below! We’d love to help you decide if these are right for you.

  1. Shelby Deyoe says:

    Our Doctor is going to start the IPL procedure in our office next month. Can we have his RX put into one of your frames?
    Thank you for your time.

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