Patient Block Out Glasses

AUG 08

Patient Block Out Glasses

By phillips-safety

Looking to protect your patients’ eyes during dermatology procedures?

Block Out Glasses for Patients

Laser Patient Block Out GlassesLaser patient block out glasses are opaque steel eye covers that are used to protect patients’ faces during laser procedures. They are easily cleaned for reuse, comfortable, and universal fit.

Most patient block out glasses are used in dermatology1 procedures at medical centers or laser spas. Laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures are the most typical types of procedures that require patients to wear laser patient block out glasses.

Here’s why laser patient block out glasses are great:

  • Patient block out glasses are fully adjustable, ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit on your patients no matter their features.
  • They are made of stainless steel for the ultimate safety, easy cleaning, and years of use.
  • Our patient block out glasses feature a non-reflective brush finish and polished interior.
  • They are CE-certified, so you can enjoy the patient block out safety and reliability in Europe as well.
  • Patient block out glasses are unbreakable, and they come with a cord and a case.

Patient block out glasses are an important part of and laser dermatology center’s safety equipment, and ours are an investment in safety, reliability, and durability.

Laser safety equipment is something that should never be done with half-measures. If you are in the market for patient safety, our laser block out glasses are a solid and reliable choice.

If you have any questions or comments about patient block out glasses, leave them below!

1 Dermatology

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