What are Laser Alignment Glasses?

AUG 22

What are Laser Alignment Glasses?

By cosmick

If laser alignment glasses aren’t worn during the operation of a laser, when are they used?

All About Laser Alignment Glasses

Laser alignment glasses are not worn during the normal operation of a laser. Instead, they are worn during set up, adjustment, or maintenance of a laser. The beam’s power is turned down, but it can still harm the operator, so the person setting up the laser wears alignment glasses to block some of the beam while still allowing him or her to see it to align it properly.

Laser alignment glasses are not generally used with medical lasers. More often, they are used in research or industrial laser applications, and they are only worn during set up or maintenance. They should not be used during normal operation of the laser, as they have a low optical density (OD) protection and therefore are not safe for normal use.

This is what you should know about laser alignment glasses:

  • Laser alignment glasses only partially protect you from the beam of a laser. They filter the beam at a low optical density compared to regular laser safety glasses, so they should not be used during normal laser operation.
  • Laser alignment glasses are not often used in medical applications. Instead, they are generally used in research facilities and industrial laser applications.
  • During set up or maintenance of a laser, a technician will turn the laser’s power down and wear laser alignment glasses to properly orient, focus, and align the laser so it is ready for standard use.
  • Using laser alignment glasses during standard operation of the laser can be hazardous to your eyes.
  • Though laser alignment glasses are used more in industrial and research applications, there are medical facilities which use alignment glasses to set up or maintain their lasers.

Laser alignment glasses are not required for every facility, nor is it typical for every operator of the laser to have a pair. Generally speaking, only your laser technicians will need alignment glasses to properly set up the laser.

If you are not sure if you need laser alignment glasses, it is a good idea to check with your laser safety officer or your laser’s manufacturer. We can also help with determining if your laser typically requires alignment. Simply leave a comment below or call our customer service department. Thanks for reading and, as always, stay safe!

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