What is Radiation Safety?

AUG 13

What is Radiation Safety?

By phillips-safety

Wondering what all these radiation safety glasses are all about?

The Facts About Radiation Safety

Radiation SafetyRadiation safety glasses are used by people who are working in an environment where they may be exposed to x-ray radiation. While there are many other forms of radiation (laser, UV, IR, even solar…), when talking about radiation safety and radiation safety glasses, we’re typically referring to x-ray radiation.

If you’re working in fluoroscopy or another occupation where you’re exposed to x-ray radiation on a regular basis, it is important to practice proper radiation safety. Whereas people who are only exposed infrequently don’t have much to worry about, those who are exposed regularly are subjected to an accumulation of x-ray radiation in their bodies which could lead to permanent and devastating health problems.

If you’re wondering about radiation safety, why it’s important, and what it has to do with your eyes, here’s what we’d like you to know:

  • X-ray radiation is a serious threat to human health. Given enough exposure, a human being can be permanently injured by x-ray radiation.
  • Though most x-ray equipment used today emits very low amounts of x-ray radiation, it is important to realize that x-ray exposure is somewhat cumulative, so that people exposed regularly over long periods of time increase their risk of side effects the longer they are regularly exposed.
  • Studies have correlated repeated exposure to normal levels of x-ray radiation from fluoroscopy to increased risk of cataracts. This is why radiation safety glasses were invented.
  • Radiation safety glasses use clear glass lenses which have lead in them. Our radiation safety glasses have a 0.75mm lead equivalency, meaning they block x-rays as well as a 0.75mm sheet of pure lead. This is currently the standard for protection.
  • If you have been working in fluoroscopy for years with no negative consequences, you are still at risk for health problems as your career continues. It is possible that cataracts could end a career in fluoroscopy as some cataracts-related injuries can leave permanent vision problems that can’t be fixed by glasses. If you can’t see your work, you can’t operate in fluoroscopy anymore.

Safety is extremely important to those working near x-ray radiation on a regular basis. Radiation safety is a serious consideration for doctors in fluoroscopy.

If you are still not sure if radiation safety glasses are important for you, it’s a good idea to look up some studies on the effects of x-ray radiation on human vision. Though the studies are mostly correlational, there is strong evidence that regular x-ray radiation exposure leads to cataracts, which is a serious and debilitating eye problem.

If you have any questions about x-ray safety or radiation safety glasses, also known as leaded glasses, please contact our customer service department or leave a comment below this post. We’d love to hear from you and answer your questions. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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