When are Laser Glasses Required?

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When are Laser Glasses Required?

By phillips-safety

Laser glasses offer protection from one of the most dangerous threats to your vision.

Laser Glasses: When are They Required?

Laser glasses, or laser safety glasses, are required to be worn by anyone operating a laser capable of causing damage to the eyes.

Laser safety glasses are used by doctors and technicians operating lasers in dermatology, oncology, surgery, and other areas of a hospital and clinical center, as well as by researchers and industrial workers. Lasers are used in a huge variety of industries, and the applications for lasers are constantly expanding.

Lasers are no simple threat. Though a direct beam exposure is obviously the most dangerous, it is very possible to have your eyesight damaged or be permanently blinded by a reflected beam or even scattered or invisible laser radiation. This means that laser safety glasses should be used wherever a laser is in use or may be in use.

If you’re wondering when laser glasses are required, here’s what you should know:

  • Laser glasses are required, in most instances, as soon as you enter the area the laser is in, often even if the laser is powered down or unplugged.
  • Safety is of the utmost priority in a laser operating area, as lasers generally damage or destroy eyesight in a very small fraction of a second. Such short-term permanent damage makes the need for vigilant wearing of laser safety glasses very important.
  • Laser glasses are used by doctors and technicians alike; anybody in a laser area must wear the proper safety attire.
  • Just because a laser is immobile and its beam couldn’t possibly hit you doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose a huge safety risk.
  • Lasers are used in many surprising places nowadays, including dentists’ offices, steel working facility, and even concert venues. Knowing proper protocols for entering a laser area is essential to keeping your vision and body safe from harmful laser damage.

Patient block out glasses are an important part of and laser dermatology center’s safety equipment, and ours are an investment in safety, reliability, and durability.

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Lasers are extremely dangerous tools, but, used in the correct manner and with safety in the forefront of your mind, they serve valuable and important purposes in medicine, research, and industry.

When are laser glasses used? Whenever you’re near a laser! Don’t be caught with your glasses down. Always wear laser safety glasses in a laser operating area, and always refer to a Laser Safety Officer or other supervisor for proper safety protocols when you’re not sure. It literally takes milliseconds for a mistake to permanently alter the rest of your life, either by blinding you or causing other permanent physical damage.

If you have any questions about laser glasses, laser safety, or how to choose the best laser glasses for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As always, thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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