Where to Buy Laser Safety Glasses

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Where to Buy Laser Safety Glasses

By phillips-safety

Laser safety glasses are necessary for the safe operation of lasers, but where do you get them?

Laser Safety Glasses: Where to Get Them

Buying a pair of laser safety glasses involves knowledge of your laser, what type of protection you need, and the number of employees you’ll need to protect at any one time. Some other concerns can be the style of glasses (for those whose patients will see you wearing your eyewear), lens materials, and filters that work with several lasers.

While you may be able to find laser glasses that suit your needs at a medical supply store in your area, our online store is a great place to find laser safety glasses. Not only do we specialize in laser safety eyewear for both common and rare or unique lasers, but our company does the assembly and manufacturing of a variety of laser filters and glasses which are distributed to medical resellers all over the country. With us, you are getting it directly from the source.

If you are looking for where to buy laser safety glasses, here are some useful things to know:

  • Laser safety glasses can be purchased at a medical supply store in-person, but there is generally a better selection found online.
  • Whereas it’s common for stores to only carry one style of glasses per laser, you are likely to find a variety of frame choices as well as a few different filter options for each frame.
  • Having options means you can choose what works best for you based upon VLT, frame comfort and appearance, and lens material. Shopping online gives you the most options.
  • If you are looking for laser safety glasses for a new laser or if you are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of a new laser, we can create custom filters and combinations of filters, and even customize many thicknesses, to accommodate your new laser.
  • We carry combination filters and alignment filters for special applications such as facilities with multiple lasers and situations where you’ll need to use a high-VLT filter simply to align a laser.

Laser safety glasses are absolutely essential for the safe use of lasers. If you are working with a laser and need to find where to buy laser safety glasses and eyewear, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for or direct you to someone who has it if we don’t.

Laser safety filters come in glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic, in wraparound, goggle, and standard glasses-style frames. Your options also span to eyewear that is CE-approved, eyewear in flat glass for special applications, and combination and alignment filters. If you’re shopping for laser safety glasses, we have what you’re looking for.

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