Transition Safety Glasses for Shooting

NOV 06

Transition Safety Glasses for Shooting

By cosmick

Selecting the proper transition safety glasses for hunting or target shooting is one of the first and most important tasks you can perform prior to any shooting activity. It’s also one that generates much debate amongst shooters – primarily over the proper tint for the conditions you’ll be experiencing.

Shooting Safety Glasses with Transition Lenses

Brown and gray are the standard selection, as these colors reduce glare in sunny weather yet still support a sharp contrast between your target and the sky. On cloudy, overcast days, yellow or amber lenses will make the most of low-light conditions.

Another option you may want to consider is one that’s often overlooked in this discussion about proper lens tint or color on your Transition Safety Glasses: Transition safety glass and Transition lenses self-adjust to darken according to the available light, so they’re ideal in any condition. Hunters often go out in the early morning or hunt until well after nightfall, the transition lenses allow them to see clearly all day and night.

Sometimes a bright sunny day will cloud up or an overcast day will clear. With transition lenses, there isn’t a need to carry around multiple sets of colored eyewear and switch them up as light conditions change. Let the glasses do the work for you. (Brown transitions are recommended over gray for shooting, as they contrast better than gray.)

Using transition glass in your frames for shooting is hardly a new or revolutionary idea. But many shooters wisely use safety glasses to protect their eyesight and opt for tinted safety glasses as opposed to standard transitional lenses. What they may not realize is that the two formats are not mutually-exclusive; safety glasses are available with transition lenses.

Phillips Safety Glasses has what you need when it comes you eye safety. Shop here.

The lenses in transition safety glasses change from clear to dark in eight seconds and from dark to clear in 35 seconds (under standard weather conditions – outdoor temperatures can affect transition times). They feature durable frames with spring-hinged temples for a safe, secure fit, and a properly fit pair will stay in place despite the recoil of a handgun or rifle. A soft, adjustable nose bridge ensures comfort while the scratch-resistant lenses block out 99.9% of the harmful ultraviolet light you’ll encounter outdoors, and all Phillips transition safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 safety standards, so you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of proper eye protection.

Visit Phillips Safety to browse the selection of transition safety eyewear and see if they meet your shooting needs. Now there’s no need to choose either photochromic lenses or protective eyewear; combine the best elements of both formats for optimum shooting performance and vision safety.

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