Safety Glasses That Fit Over Eyeglasses

DEC 26

Safety Glasses That Fit Over Eyeglasses

By cosmick

Now that you realize that a pair of fit over safety glasses will protect your precious eyesight and that you should wear them on-the-job or during around-the-house tasks. Perhaps the fact that you already wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses has prevented you from purchasing safety glasses because you don’t know what type of fit over safety glasses are out there. You’re in the right place, we sell fitover safety glasses online that are fitted with lenses in your exact prescription – the process is quite easy, and the price is likely not as expensive as you might think.

You can order a pair of “fitover” safety glasses, which are designed to completely cover your prescription eyeglasses yet are free from that bulky, goggle-like look and feel. Let your regular glasses provide visual clarity while the fitovers supply an outer layer of safety coverage. Fitovers come with clear, polarized gray, or contrast-enhancing yellow lenses, and are ANSI Z87-approved for safety and impact resistance.

Phillips Safety Products offers three universal-fit fitover frames that will protect you for a price that will likely surprise you, view them here. In fact, they’re cheap enough to order one for work and another for home or to pick up frames with different lens coatings so that you’re ready for any light conditions, indoors or out. See the highlights below:

PSG-CLR-FOBFitover Safety Glasses

  • Soft-grip rubberized frame material in neutral black.
  • Tinted side shields for eye comfort.
  • Clear lenses with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare.

Get Your Safety Glasses That Fit Over Eyeglasses Today

Don’t let cost deter you from protecting your eyes in dangerous situations. And if you’re concerned with appearance, check out the photos of these glasses; you can see from the frame design that although these fitovers lack bulk and excessive weight, they really do completely disguise the glasses that are worn underneath.

Other types we offer: Sunglasses and flip-up.

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