Sodium Flare Eye Protection for Hot Glass Working

DEC 09

Sodium Flare Eye Protection for Hot Glass Working

By phillips-safety

Need sodium flare protection for your glass work?

Hot Glass Working Protecting with Sodium Flare

Working with hot glass produces harmful light such as sodium flare, ultraviolet rays, and sometimes infrared rays. If you’re looking for sodium flare eye protection for hot glass working, our line of glassworking eyewear is a great choice for browsing.

We offer sodium flare eye protection for protection against sodium flare and UV (Phillips 202 Ace), or sodium flare and UV plus IR (Green Ace). Our Green Ace eyewear comes in two shades (3 and 5) and is great for borosilicate work.

If you’re working with hot glass and need sodium flare protection, here’s what you should know:

  • Our Phillips 202 Ace lens protects from sodium flare and UV, which is great for soft glass torchwork.
  • Our Green Ace Shade 3 and 5 are a combination of our Phillips 202 Ace and our green IR welding lenses. They protect from UV, IR and sodium flare.
  • Our Green Ace lenses are literally the two lens materials (Phillips 202 Ace and Green IR) melted together, with either green shade 3 or 5 going into the melt, respectively.
  • Not using proper eye protection during regular glassworking can result in permanent eye damage.
  • All of our sodium flare eye protection for hot glass working uses optical quality lenses, and many styles are available in prescription.

If you are a hot glass worker in need of sodium flare protection, we have what you need.

Shop Sodium Flare Glassworking Eyewear

Sodium flare protection is a great choice for hobbyists, artists, and scientists alike who are working with hot glass. We even have safety eyewear for quartz working.

If you are looking for sodium flare eye protection for hot glass working, look no further. Phillips Safety Products has a full line of prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear for glassworking, and we are proud to offer one of the largest lines in the country.

If you have any questions about sodium flare eye protection or what’s right for you, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

  1. Su says:

    Hi, Do you guys offer prescription safety glasses (Sodium Flare, UV, and IR protection).

  2. scott says:

    hi , i’m interested in the prescription eyeware.

    Q. Can the be worn outside for regular use?
    Q. Do they enhance the colour red in any way?

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