Do I Need Laser Safety Glasses?

JAN 03

Do I Need Laser Safety Glasses?

By cosmick

Wondering who needs to wear laser safety glasses?

Do I Need Laser Safety Glasses?

In general, people associated with the operation of a laser capable of causing tissue or eye harm can expect that they need laser safety glasses. Those who are around lasers but not actually involved in the use of lasers will often need them as well, if you are ever around the laser while it’s connected to a power source.

Our laser safety glasses protect from all of the most common lasers used in medicine and research, as well as most of the rarer lasers. We also offer filters which protect against several lasers which are commonly used in the same facility.

If you’re wondering, “Do I need laser safety glasses?” here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If your facility has a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) on staff, that person should be able to tell you if you ever need to wear laser safety glasses.
  • If you ever pass a border with a sign that says something to the effect of: “Protective Eyewear Required Beyond This Point,” there’s a good chance that you need laser safety glasses.
  • Laser safety glasses are typically worn by any staff who work in an area where there is a possibility of exposure to laser radiation, either by a direct beam or scattered radiation.
  • Keep in mind that laser radiation can be invisible and still harm your eyes. Just because you can’t see a beam, doesn’t mean that you’re safe.
  • Our laser safety glasses are designed to maximize visible light transmission (VLT) while providing complete protection from the laser(s) you’re near. Higher VLT means better vision.
  • We provide CE approved laser safety glasses to those who require laser safety in Europe. If you are looking for laser safety glasses and are not in the US, please contact us so we can direct you to eyewear appropriate for you.

Our laser safety glasses are used by people in a variety of fields, with varying degrees of participation in laser operations.

If you are not the operator of a laser, you still may need laser safety glasses if you are around the laser. A Laser Safety Officer is your best bet to find out what kind of protection you need, but if you don’t have one, give us a call and we’ll help you sort it out.

Be safe! While nobody wants to purchase and wear laser eyewear if they don’t need it, if you’re ever unsure, don’t risk losing your eyesight! Many lasers are capable of causing irreparable vision damage with only a fraction of a second’s exposure. Be smart, take proper precautions, do not enter a laser area without proper safety equipment or if you don’t need to be there, and know what the dangers are before entering an area that may have a laser.

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