Portable Laser Safety Barrier

JAN 15

Portable Laser Safety Barrier

By phillips-safety

Looking for a laser safety barrier that can be repositioned as needed?

Portable Laser Safety Barrier

Portable Laser Safety BarrierMany hospitals and laser facilities go with a permanent laser safety barrier solution when installing a laser system. While this is ideal, not all laser systems warrant a dedicated laser room or a permanent system. In that case, you’ll need a portable laser safety barrier.

Our portable laser safety barriers come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and purposes. We have collapsible laser barriers that can be broken down to an easily stored size, with configurations for one or multiple-panel setups. These can be used to block from a single angle or combined to encircle a laser unit entirely.

We also carry Ever-Guard and Flex-Guard laser barriers, which are solid metal covered in a flat black cloth to prevent reflections or scattering of direct beam hits. The Flex-Guard can be purchased in many panels, each of which connects with an overlapping hinge of the same laser-protective fabric, enabling you to create any shape necessary. Both the Ever-Guard and Flex-Guard barriers are on casters.

Last is our newest addition to our laser barrier line: Mobile Laser Barriers. Our Mobile Laser Barriers are manufactured in-house in stock sizes. They are all-metal with a flat coating to prevent reflections, and they feature a laser acrylic or glass window to block the beam specific to your laser while still allowing those behind the barrier to see the laser operation in progress. These also feature rolling casters and can be moved to suit the needs of the user. Our laser windows are of optical clarity to allow clear viewing without fear of an injury.

A portable laser safety barrier is a great solution for a variety of laser systems and applications, and our barriers can be found in hospitals, laser spas, industrial laser facilities, and other special laser applications such as research. If you are using a laser and need barrier protection, we have what you need, no matter your laser type.

Our facility also manufactures custom laser enclosures for those who need a permanent solution. If you are interested in any sort of laser enclosure or laser safety solution, you can contact us by phone or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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