Fitover Safety Glasses with Yellow Lenses

OCT 07

Fitover Safety Glasses with Yellow Lenses

By cosmick

Yellow lenses are perfect for blocking the UV rays from blue light. In the fluorescent glow of environments such as warehouses, workshops, and many office areas, yellow lenses can improve visual acuity and contrast. Even outdoors, many people find them to be helpful. Shooters, for example, find that yellow lenses help with reaction time and differentiation of targets.

Fitover Safety Glasses

For those who already wear prescription glasses, custom made prescription safety glasses are available. But one inexpensive alternative are fitover glasses. These are designed to literally “fit over” your current glasses, eliminating the need for separate pair of prescription eyewear. At Phillips Safety Products we offer these yellow lens fitover safety glasses:

Phillips Fitover Safety Glasses

  • ANSI Z87+ rated
  • soft grip rubberized frame material
  • tinted eye shields for eye comfort
  • yellow enhanced, anti-reflective coating to reduce glare

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