Bifocal Safety Glasses: Buying the Right Eyewear for Employee Comfort

JAN 29

Bifocal Safety Glasses: Buying the Right Eyewear for Employee Comfort

By cosmick

Your workplace employees may have one problem they may not always tell you about because they think it’s too much of a burden on you. The problem is when the worker has vision problems and has to switch between their regular glasses and safety glasses.SB-5000 Bifocal Safety Glasses

If you operate an industrial company, many of your employees have to wear safety glasses to protect their vision and from flying debris. Yet, how many years have those workers had to depend on constantly switching their eyewear during a work day?

Perhaps your employees don’t speak up about this because they’re just used to taking off their glasses and switching to safety glasses. After so many years, though, you have to assume they’d want something more convenient. Newer employees, especially, won’t tolerate having to switch between their bifocals and safety glasses multiple times in a day.

Bifocal safety glasses are the answer to this, and it’s rare to find ones with quality materials. You’ll find them here at Phillips Safety Products where you can find pairs with stylistic features, including specialized lenses.

Let’s take a look at what’s available and how they change typical safety wear appearance.

Who Best Benefits Using Bifocal Safety Glasses?

It’s worth noting that bifocal safety glasses aren’t just applicable to those who work in industrial settings. These are perfect for home use as well where eye injuries could easily occur when working on complex home projects. Regardless, evidence continues to show 2,000 workers receive eye injuries every day in workplaces.

If you’re experiencing employee eye injuries more often than normal with existing safety glasses, it’s time to make a change. Those who have to do exacting work in the industrial or medical fields are the ones that benefit the most from bifocal safety glasses.

Imagine how much you’ll increase productivity by allowing your workers to wear safety glasses using the same lenses they use on their bifocals. All the time it takes to remove their bifocals and put on safety glasses adds more wasted time than you think when it’s done over and over.

For exacting work, it’s important to keep productivity going at a high level if you want to stay competitive in your field. The challenge comes in your workers even wanting to use safety glasses if they’re overly standard. Far too many other brands out there don’t look attractive. Your workers may balk at wanting to wear them, especially when being seen by fellow employees or the public.

At Phillips, we’ve developed very stylish bifocal safety glasses every employee is going to feel proud to wear. We’ve heard from many people who want more frame styles to represent their personalities. You’ll find this, along with glasses that look very contemporary so they resemble normal eyewear.

Why the SB-9000 is Worth Your Investment


Through our SB-9000 eyewear, you’re getting not only amazingly modern features, but also the most affordable for what’s available. At only $10, it’s hard to find any bifocal safety glasses like this where you don’t sacrifice features for the price.

Most importantly, these look modern so your workers won’t feel embarrassed to wear them around your work site. With this, and our other glasses being ANSI Z87-approved, you’re assured of complete safety during exposure to certain work situations.

Polycarbonate lenses are some of the most durable on the market, giving each employee complete safety from any physical impact. Now you don’t have to worry about your safety glasses lenses shattering if an object goes flying in the air.

Above all, though, when an employee has to read directions or do exacting work, they’ll have bifocal lenses readily available on the eyewear. The reading area is at the bottom of the lens for easy use with just a tilt of the head. Workers can finally keep their regular bifocals in their pocket all day and not have to switch back and forth.

The SB-9000 model goes beyond just durable lenses, though. They’re also very comfortable thanks to their specialized design.

Wraparound Lenses

If you’ve ever worn wraparound sunglasses, then you already know how great they are at protecting your eyes. We’ve developed wraparounds in the SB-9000 so your workers have something comfortable without causing discomfort during long work hours.

A major complaint from those who have to wear safety glasses is that they just don’t feel good. The rim on the glasses can sometimes cut into a worker’s nose and leave permanent marks.

Using wraparounds, you get lateral protection, including a rubber nose bridge for a completely comfortable fit. Your workers can wear these for hours and not even realize they aren’t wearing their regular glasses.

Soft rubber-tipped temples add even more to assure these fit properly and don’t feel like a weight on an employee’s face.

Lens Color and Magnification Choices

It’s important that your workers have stylistic choice on the type of lenses they want. You won’t find many other places allowing multiple color choices on bifocal safety glasses. The SB-9000 gives you four options so each person can pick something representing their own personality. These particular colors come in clear, smoke gray, yellow, or dark orange.

Along with five magnification strengths, you have a pair of safety glasses suitable for any particular task, whether for up-close work or distance vision.

Contact us at Phillips Safety Products to see our complete inventory of bifocal safety glasses, which also includes the SB-5000 as an equally popular choice.

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