Patient Transfer Boards: Move Your Patients with Ease

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Patient Transfer Boards: Move Your Patients with Ease

By cosmick

Patient transfer boards have rapidly become essential equipment in the medical field. They have provided the ability to move patients from one surface to another with significantly less effort on the part of the medical team. They have also provided a way to do so with far less risk of injury or trauma to either the patient or the medical professionals involved in the act of the transfer. As a result, it is unsurprising that transfer boards are a godsend for caretakers that deal with patient transfer and transport on a regular basis. Though patient transfer typically only covers short distances and encompasses a mere matter of moving from one adjacent surface to the next, having a top-of-the-line transfer board can truly make the job that much easier.

When considering what kind of patient transfer board to purchase for your medical practice or hospital it is important to consider much more than the basic functionality of the product. You should be considering the comfort and care of your patients as well as the safety and well-being of your medical staff. Creating a transfer board that is functional, safe, high-quality, and equipped for any scenario has been a major achievement for Phillips Safety Products, Inc. and now, after strenuous testing and product development, the SafetySure TransferEase Patient Mover meets each of these expectations and then some.

Phillips Safety Products, Inc. has been in the business of safety for 110 years, beginning with eye safety and branching out into other fields. We are proud to have added a wide range of medical safety products to our catalog, including the high-quality patient transfer boards we are about to discuss. These boards are light and durable, designed for efficiency and ease of use, and held to the very highest of safety standards. Read on, for more information about what sets our transfer boards apart from all the rest!

High-Quality Design

Phillips Safety Products, Inc. patient transfer boards are made of semi-rigid polyethylene plastic that brings each product to a weight of just about nine pounds. The durable material that we use is just 3/16″ thick, but is intensely strong and stress-tested to ensure the best results. The patient transfer boards allow you to move your patients in any position or scenario and are also pre-treated with an anti-static compound that reduces static buildup and prevents your patients’ clothes from sticking to its surface. Simply turn your patient on their side, slide the transfer board under them, and begin your transfer.

With completely rounded edges as well as ten cut-out handles, which are evenly positioned along all sides, the Phillips SafetySure TransferEase Patient Mover provides not only safety but also convenience. The handles allow for ease of movement as well as the freedom to adjust your positioning should the weight of the patient shift. Available in two sizes (the 18″ x 72″ model or the slightly wider 22″ x 72″ model) our patient transfer boards are sure to meet your medical safety needs.

Comfort and Convenience

Our patient transfer boards are also designed to provide as much comfort as possible – not only to the patients whom they are designed to carry but also to the medical personnel who must perform the patient transfers. The soft, lightweight – yet highly durable – plastic is easily stored by hanging it via one of its ten handles. As a result, it does not produce extraneous nuisances by requiring extra space for storage and constant hauling from point A to point B.

Its anti-static surface makes transfers over uneven surfaces safe and stress-free and the aforementioned handles help relieve lower back stress by providing ample opportunities to shift handholds. With our transfer boards, re-positioning patients from the stretcher to bed or table is simple and convenient. Your patient will feel secure and your team will find it easier than ever to perform the task of transport.

Perfected for Medical Efficiency

The SafetySure TransferEase Patient Mover weighs in at less than ten pounds, making it a highly efficient product that boasts immense strength capabilities and provides the highest potential productivity at the minimum of added hassle. Easily sliding from beds to stretcher pads or operating tables, our transfer boards are non-stick and incredibly versatile. They are equipped for any medical facility with special considerations such as a moisture-proof design and anti-static coating. These transfer boards also happen to be MR (magnetic resonance) safe, and completely radiolucent (transparent to x-rays). Because our patient transfer boards are both radiolucent and MRI safe they can be left on the table during diagnostic imaging and other procedures, decreasing the length of time the process of moving your patients will take.

Phillips Safety Products, Inc. may not have invented the patient transfer board, but we have done our best to perfect it. With special considerations given to comfort, functionality, and resilience, we are certain that you will find this product to be successful in meeting all of your expectations.

If you would like to learn more about our static treated patient transfer boards or any of our other medical safety products, please feel free to contact us. Phillips Safety Products, Inc. also has a wide variety of MRI-safe products as well as Nuclear Medicine Products that provide shielding and protective equipment to those working with radioactive materials. We pride ourselves on our ever-growing selection of specialized safety products and hope to help fulfill your safety needs in any way we can. Remember, safety first!

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