8 of The Best Radiation Safety Glasses on The Market Today

JUN 15

8 of The Best Radiation Safety Glasses on The Market Today

By cosmick

If you are a first time buy of radiation safety glasses and don’t know what to look for in a high quality pair of radiation safety eye wear, you have come to the right place. It is wise to weigh your options and explore the different eye wear products and what each one has to offer before buying anything. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most popular radiation safety glasses on the market to give you a better idea of what to look for in a pair of glasses.

  1. Model RK2 Radiation Goggles: These stealthy, sleek goggles offer maximum functionality and protection against radiation. With extra large lenses, these goggles offer the highest level of visibility. The adjustable, flame-resistant straps allow those wearing them to work with a comfortable, yet secure headband in place. And you don’t ever have to worry about these goggles foaming up and compromising your vision if you work in a warm area; these goggles come with ventilation as well as foam pads to prevent sweat from getting in the eyes.
  2. Wiley X SG-1 Radiation Glasses: Like the Model RK2 Radiation Goggles, these Wiley X SG-1 Radiation Glasses come with an elastic strap to keep your glasses firmly secure on your face when you are working in a dangerous environment. The strap is adjustable in order to prioritize both security and comfort and the glasses also come with foam pads to add an extra layer of comfort. With a foam seal and wraparound frames, these Wiley X glasses offer the highest level of protection for the eyes and surrounding areas. And thanks to the adjustable elastic strap, this safety eye wear can be worn as sunglasses, glasses, or goggles. 
  3. Philips Model RG-33 Fit Over Radiation Glasses: Clearly, not everyone who works in an environment where radiation is present has 20-20 vision or contact lenses. For people who wear prescription glasses, these Philips Model RG-33 Fit Over Radiation Glasses are an ideal choice. They are incredibly sturdy, yet comfortable and lightweight and will easily fit over regular prescription glasses. These fit over radiation glasses will sit comfortably over almost all prescription glasses and will fit on nearly all head sizes. The frames are designed with a durable nylon material and the lenses are radiation-reducing with .75mm lead equivalency.
  4. Nike Lava Radiation Glasses: Nike offers more than just an extensive athletic clothing line and athletic accessories; they have several glasses designed to protect against radiation and their Nike Lava Radiation Glasses are some of the most popular on the market. The traditional Nike-style frames make this safety eye wear option a sleek, stylish one with different frame colors to choose from. Aside from the aesthetic elements, the Nike Lava Radiation Glasses offer the highest level of protection and coverage. This model is typically most suitable for wearers with small to medium sized heads and comes with a wraparound frame. The distortion-free, radiation-reducing lenses offer optimized visibility and protection against radiation.
  5. Aviator Metal 600 Radiation Glasses: For anyone who prefers a sturdy metal frame, these Aviator Metal 600 Radiation Glasses are some of the best on the market. Most suitable for anyone with small to medium size heads, these aviator glasses come with side shields, a double bridge bar, and an adjustable nose pad for extra comfort. Like other high quality radiation glasses, these aviators are constructed with radiation-reducing, distortion-free lenses.
  6. Model 55 Radiation Goggles: The Model 55 Radiation Goggles are another excellent option for people who prefer goggles to glasses. They are also ideal for anyone who wears prescription glasses regularly and needs a fit over option. The adjustable elastic strap makes these goggles a suitable choice for people with all kinds of prescription goggles and head sizes. The durable frames offer ventilation to keep the lenses from fogging up and the silicone materials makes these goggles extremely comfortable. These goggles also come with foam to add even more comfort while also preventing sweat from dripping into the eyes.
  7. Model 808 Wraparound Radiation Glasses: For anyone looking for a wraparound eye wear option that prioritizes security and sturdiness as much as style and comfort, the Model 808 Wraparound Radiation Glasses make a great choice. The frame is constructed of a nylon material and the glasses come with rubber temple bars and a rubber nose pad. The style of these glasses gives off a chic, edgy appearance, but don’t lack functionality in the least.model_egm_red_wraparound_radiation_glasses_rg-egm-r
  8. Model EGM Wraparound Radiation Glasses: Another high quality wraparound eye wear option are these Model EGM Wraparound Radiation Glasses. Designed for the highest level of security, durability, and protection, these radiation glasses are designed with a high-impact nylon material. But just because protection and durability are some of the highest priorities doesn’t mean that comfort is compromised. These radiation glasses are designed with rubber temple bars, a rubber saddle bridge nose pad, and rubber soft grip temple bar to improve grip, security, and comfort. This eye wear option also comes in a variety of colors to enhance style and design. Most suitable for small to medium sized heads, these glasses also offer distortion-free, radiation-reducing lenses for maximized visibility and protection.

Want to learn about the many other high quality safety eye wear options available to protect your eyes from radiation? Don’t hesitate to contact us today or keep reading our other blog posts for more information! We also offer protective eye wear for anyone exposed to lasers and other harmful elements.

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