Laser Safety Glasses for Law Enforcement

JUL 29

Laser Safety Glasses for Law Enforcement

By rxsafety

Whether you have just become a law enforcement agent or have been working in law enforcement for some time, it’s absolutely critical to be properly equipped. From having the right firearm to high-quality body armor, being completely squared away with your equipment will go a tremendously long way. In some circumstances, your equipment can save your life.

Yet while much of the attention goes to mission-critical items like firearms and body armor, there is another extremely important tool that helps law enforcement officials do their jobs. Specifically, we are talking about laser safety glasses. Laser safety glasses can help protect your eyes in the most stressful circumstances. Ultimately, they are an essential purchase in today’s world of law enforcement.

In this post, we want to further discuss why laser safety glasses are so important for law enforcement professionals. We also want to talk about some great styles of laser safety glasses. These styles are both functional and affordable, giving you the full confidence that your eyes are protected in challenging conditions.

Why Laser Safety Glasses are So Critical for Law Enforcement Professionals

Watching the news of recent demonstrations and protests, it has become quite obvious why laser safety glasses are critical for law enforcement professionals.

Most important is the fact that laser safety glasses shield officers’ eyes from laser pointers and laser strikes. Increasing numbers of individuals are using laser pointers to distract officers from doing their jobs. As you can guess, this is extremely dangerous. If they are directed at your eyes for a certain amount of time, some powerful laser pointers can cause permanent vision loss. Laser safety glasses are specifically designed to protect people from laser strikes from red, green, or blue laser pointers.

While this is the main benefit of laser safety glasses, they also provide some other important benefits. Some laser safety glasses fit over most types of prescription safety glasses. This is an underrated, yet extremely important feature. You’ll be able to wear your laser safety glasses and maintain the clarity of sight that you expect in your daily work. In essence, your laser safety glasses are an important addition to your favorite pair of prescription eyeglasses. 

Finally, laser safety glasses can help you concentrate on the work that is in front of you. In other words, it provides you with some valuable peace of mind. Instead of worrying about whether your eyes are sufficiently protected,  you will spend your time and energy on the task at hand. There’s no need to second guess yourself or be concerned about any potential eye damage from laser pointers. Instead, you can focus on doing the best work possible.

These are just some of the many benefits that laser strike eyewear provides to law enforcement professionals. Especially if you are working in a tense or dangerous situation, this gear can protect your eyes and potentially save your life.

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Some Great Laser Strike Safety Glasses

Considering all of the benefits of safety glasses, you may be wondering which laser safety glasses you should select. After all, there are a good number of laser safety glasses on the market today. While many of them are quite similar, there are some laser safety eyewear models that rise above the rest.

For instance, there is the Laser Strike Green Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 33. This pair of laser safety glasses fits over many types of prescription glasses. As mentioned above, this is an important feature of laser strike safety glasses. This ensures that you can continue to see as clearly as possible while getting some essential protection from laser pointers and laser strikes.

Along with this benefit, these laser safety glasses is focused on reducing green beams in laser pointers. These are some of the most common colors in laser pointers, so you can be confident that your eyes will be protected from this type of light. The Laser Strike Green Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 33 has an orange and peach lens color and has a frame width of around 145 millimeters. The frame color comes in black. At $149.99, this is a pair of high-quality laser safety glasses that can certainly get the job done.

Beyond the Laser Strike Green Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 33, we recommend that you check out Laser Strike Blue/Green/Red Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 600. Like the prior model, this pair of laser safety glasses can protect your eyes from green laser beams. However, it goes one step further and also protects your eyes from blue and red laser beams. Because you never know what kind of laser beams that will be coming your way, this versatility may be extremely appealing. That being said, these glasses are slightly less durable than the prior model. You cannot place these laser safety glasses over other prescription glasses. Instead, you are going to need to wear them by themselves. However, you’ll get some added protection with this pair. It includes permanent side shields. These permanent side shields can protect your eyes from adjacent debris, which can include things like dust, sand, gravel, and more. This is a huge benefit and can help you concentrate on the task at hand. With a green lens color and a $149.99 price point, you’ll be well-served by this pair of laser safety glasses.

Next, let’s talk about the Laser Strike Green Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 703 line of laser safety glasses. This line is similar to the Laser Strike Green Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 33 line. With these laser safety glasses, you can leverage a head-hugging wraparound frame and perforated rubber nose pieces. These features make these glasses extremely comfortable to wear, whether you are standing still or running.

Besides the sheer comfort and durability of these glasses, they contain sharp corners and stylish angles. With an orange/peach lens color and black frame, these glasses are extremely stylish. They can protect your eyes from green laser pointers and retail for $149.99.

Finally, there is the Laser Strike Blue/Green/Red Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 116 line of laser safety glasses. Like the other glasses on this list, it retails for $149.99. This pair of laser safety glasses offers some of the best protection on any metal wrap frame. It can protect your eyes from blue, green, and red laser beams. It is also an incredibly lightweight pair of glasses and offers maximum visibility for wearers. You can find these laser safety glasses in black and silver frame colors.

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Protecting Your Eyes Under Challenging Conditions

Any of the laser safety eyewear above can provide outstanding protection against laser pointers and laser strikes. Whether you are looking for your first pair of laser safety glasses or your next pair, these glasses can get the job done.

We encourage you to do some additional research so that you select the best glasses for your needs. To take a look at these (and other) pairs of laser strike eyewear, feel free to click here. By taking your time and completing your own due diligence, you’ll be able to protect your eyes and achieve much-needed peace of mind when you are completing your work.

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