A Guide to the Best German-made Laser Glasses

DEC 28

A Guide to the Best German-made Laser Glasses

By rxsafety

When you work in welding or similar professions, it’s paramount that you protect your eyes properly with safety glasses. Safety goggles are one of the easiest and most effective ways to shield your eyes from harsh fumes, light, and other risks that you might be exposed to when working in construction or similar industries.

German safety goggles are prized for being high-quality and having a functional, effective design. With rounder lenses than many modern-style safety goggles, German safety goggles often allow the user to see more in their field of vision. They also have a tighter fit across the nose bridge and face, providing full protection for your eyes. German safety goggles can be challenging to find in the United States, but there are a handful of manufacturers that produce safety glasses in this style. Here is a list of a few of the best.

Garret Wade – German-made Real Shop Safety Goggles

Available in the US, this is a great goggle option for reducing fog and vision obstructions. With laminated glass and a protective coating across the lenses, this is a very durable product. This set of laser goggles is also very comfortable to wear for extended periods and offers great protection against dust and other environmental contaminants.

With crystal clear lenses and a flexible aluminum frame, this is a good set of protective eyewear. It’s easy to get a comfortable fit, and the goggles themselves come at quite an affordable price. While the glasses are manufactured in Germany, they are available for purchase in the USA today. You can choose to purchase one set of these glasses or a quantity of several. Often, the glasses come at a discounted price when you order a quantity of more than a single set.

Lee Valley – German Safety Goggles

This set of laser goggles comes with an elastic strap and offers a good, comfortable fit. Comfort is almost a guarantee with this set of glasses, and the lens is incredibly clear. These goggles generally have a positive customer rating and ship across the entire USA, as well as being available in stores.

While these goggles are well-suited to use in your home shop or workshop, they aren’t appropriate for industrial use. The lenses meet a number of European safety standards, but if you’re looking for something really heavy-duty, these are not the best choice. Customer comfort is arguably the most important feature for this item, with its adjustable strap and nose pieces that wraps around the face.

King’s County Safety Shop Goggles Set

If you’re looking for an item that offers both flexibility and protects your eye, then the King’s County set of German safety laser goggles might be for you. Made in Germany, this set comes with a number of different lens sets and offers an almost unparalleled safety level. The shatterproof, laminated glass lenses are far safer to work in than glasses that come with a conventional plastic lens. This item is manufactured in Germany but is available in the USA. If part or all of your work involves welding, then these glasses would be a safe choice.

This item and other products from the manufacturer all have very positive reviews from customers, especially compared to other products in the same category. This would generally be a sign of great quality, and this is no exception when it comes to these King’s County glasses. By offering a number of lenses, you have the flexibility to weld or cut wood in a variety of different working environments. These glasses let you see incredibly clearly, and you can feel comfortable knowing that you are completely safe from environmental hazards. If this isn’t a sign of quality, what is?

Phillips and German Glass

Phillips safety does not produce eye protection in the German style. However, the brand does use safety glass manufactured in the country of Germany. Manufactured in the United States, Phillips goggles are known for being a quality, reliable product. As such, if you’re struggling to find or purchase a pair of German glasses, Phillips may be a good alternative for you.

Working safely is of paramount importance when you weld, cut wood, or your job involves construction. By using top safety equipment, you can ensure that you are safe from environmental hazards and limit the amount of risk you are exposed to.

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