Top 7 Gearbest Laser Safety Glasses with Reviews

DEC 16

Top 7 Gearbest Laser Safety Glasses with Reviews

By rxsafety

Gearbest Laser Safety Glasses At a Glance

Alfawise Omnidirectional Laser Goggles – Best Protection Coverage

Sandy Brown Protective Goggles – Lightweight Option

BP-3023-532NM Protective Goggles – Best UV Protection

BP-3023-1064NM Protective Goggles – Best Infrared Protection

BP-6039 Protective Goggles – Best Comfort

Eazmaker Protective Goggles – Best Budget Protection

Eazmaker BP-3208 Protective Goggles – Best Design

If you’re going to be working around lasers, having the right set of glasses is a must. These will protect your eyes and keep you safe during the process. Not to worry, you came to the right place. You’re about to be introduced to the top 7 Gearbest laser safety glasses. You’ll read reviews for each of them then learn more about the category of laser safety glasses afterward.

Gearbest Laser Safety Glasses Reviews

We scoured their site and took a close look at every pair of glasses they offer at Gearbest. We boiled that down to the 7 best options they have for sale. Let’s take a closer look. Note that these glasses aren’t presented in any particular order.

Alfawise Omnidirectional Laser Goggles – Best Protection Coverage

Price: $16.25

Wavelength protection: 200-450 nm

Color: Sea Green

This option from Alfawise utilizes a wraparound design that protects you from every direction. It covers you from blue lasers down through most of the UV range.

The wide lenses on this pair of safety glasses can’t be beat. You get the widest field of vision while still being protected.

Sandy Brown Protective Goggles – Lightweight Option

Price: $28.99

Wavelength protection: 190-490 nm

Color: Sandy Brown

If your goal is to find a lightweight pair of Gearbest laser safety glasses, look no further. This option weighs the least on this list, and the nose pads will ensure you hardly remember you’re wearing safety glasses.

The lightweight and comfortable design allow you to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by your glasses.

BP-3023-532NM Protective Goggles – Best UV Protection

Price: $38.06

Wavelength protection: 200-590 nm

Color: Cherry Red

This option from BP-3023 offers the best UV protection at a good price. It covers you from most UV light up until visible yellow lasers.

The design is the same as other ones from the brand that we love. Overall, there’s nothing negative to say about this pair and it’s a really strong contender.

BP-3023-1064NM Protective Goggles – Best Infrared Protection

Price: $80.24

Wavelength protection: 500-1,064 nm

Color: Fern Green

There is no better infrared protection on this list than the BP-3023. It will protect you from visible green lasers through nearly half of the IR range.

The color and design of these glasses are great. They’re comfortable and minimalist so you can wear them for hours without a problem.

BP-6039 Protective Goggles – Best Comfort

Price: $38.06

Wavelength protection: 180-590 nm

Color: Red

If you want comfort, then the BP-6039 goggles are perfect for you. They have additional cushioning around the frames where they make contact with your face. The nose pad is comfortable too.

If you expect to wear goggles for hours on end, you’ll need a comfortable pair like this one. They protect from UV light and visible light up to yellow lasers.

Eazmaker Protective Goggles – Best Budget Protection—cnc/pp_009355179461.html?wid=1433363

Price: $9.99

Color: Red, blue, yellow, and green

This pack from Eazmaker comes with four goggles for less than $10. You’ll get them in four different colors that you can share with people as they’re near your laser cutter or machine.

The temples are adjustable so these glasses are perfect to keep near the machine for visitors.

These glasses use a tried-and-true design that gives you good flexibility and results in a robust pair of glasses. This is the same design that major brands use for their shop safety glasses.

Eazmaker BP-3208 Protective Goggles – Best Design

Price: $29.02

Wavelength protection: 190-490 nm

Color: Saffron

These protective goggles from Eazmaker will protect you from UV up until visible green lasers. The design is very minimal and simple which makes them easy to wear all day.

They’re a pretty comfortable option and they give you a lot of wavelength protection which is important. This option will keep you safe without looking embarrassing.

OGIRL Protective Goggles – Best Red Laser Protection

Price: $52.99

Wavelength protection: 620-660 nm

Color: Blue

These safety glasses are OD4+ certified which means they were tested in certain conditions and passed. This is a rare certificate to have and gives it a leg up on the others in this category.

They have side shields on the glasses that will prevent dust or debris from entering. They have wide lenses to protect plenty of wavelengths from entering. These goggles are ideal for red visible lasers.

More Information About Gearbest Laser Safety Glasses

After reading those reviews, you might be a little lost. Let’s break down some of the concepts and teach you more about this area. The following sections are some questions we get a lot and some information that you deserve to know.

What is Gearbest?

Gearbest is an online platform that sells almost anything you can think of. They offer an affordable alternative to online retail stores. One of their big claims to fame is their lineup of industrial equipment and accessories.

Within that category is their impressive selection of Gearbest laser safety glasses.

How Is the Quality from Gearbest?

The overwhelming majority of people respect the quality of products from Gearbest. They’ve been in this industry for a while and you can tell that they have a good network connection when you shop with them.

Not only do they have a massive online inventory, but each product offers surprisingly good quality. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a negative thing said about the quality of Gearbest laser safety glasses which is refreshing.

Do Safety Glasses from Overseas Have the Same US Standards of Quality?

There’s a big stigma behind overseas production, but the simple fact is that Gearbest laser safety glasses are indistinguishable from ones made in the US.

The only difference you’ll notice is the price tag. Since production is a lot less expensive overseas, the final products are much more affordable.

That means if you don’t want to overpay for the same great products, you can stick with Gearbest.

What Should Be Taken into Consideration When Shopping for Laser Safety Glasses?

There are a few different things you’ll want to consider as you shop around. As you noticed in the product review, each pair of glasses has a certain focus.

You need to make sure the manufacturer’s focus is aligned with what you’re looking for.

Robust and Reliable Design

For a little bit more money, some manufacturers will focus on creating a reliable design. These options are less likely to break or get damaged as you use them.

You’ll notice design considerations across the glasses when you take a close look at them – the frame, how the lens is seated, the nose pad, and whether the temples of the glasses are adjustable.


This might be the biggest thing to look out for. Since these glasses are made overseas, their production costs are lower which means a lower price tag.

With that said, there is still a range of costs on this list alone. On the low end, you’ll pay about $2.50 a pair and at the high end, you’re dropping around $80.

Understand what comes with a lower or higher price and determine which end of the spectrum is best for you.


Depending on how many hours a day you’ll be wearing these, it’s important to get a comfortable pair. If the nose pad isn’t right or the temple of the glasses digs into your temple or ears, you’re going to hate your glasses.


The lenses are different colors on these glasses. You need to make sure you’re comfortable wearing them and won’t get a headache or disoriented using them for long periods of time.

Some users get migraines looking through certain colors for too long. This takes a little trial and error on your part.

Wavelength Protection

At the end of the day, these glasses are supposed to protect you from lasers. You need to ensure the glasses provide the right level of wavelength protection that you need.

A wider range of wavelengths might also contribute to a higher price tag. That’s just the cost of safety.

What Wavelength Should I Be Protected From?

The visible spectrum of light is between 380 and 780 nanometers (nm). Ultraviolet (UV) light is below this range and goes down to about 10 nm. Infrared (IR) is above the visible spectrum and ranges from around 800nm to nearly 3,000 nm.

It’s up to you to understand what spectrum of light your laser is putting off. IR and UV light are equally damaging to your eyes.

If you’re working with UV lasers, you would want coverage from around 200 nm to about 450nm. The wider range you find, the better off you’ll be.

There is also a pair on this list that protects you from IR lasers up to 1064nm.


Now you know the top 7 Gearbest laser safety glasses. You should also know a bit more about this category and be able to make an informed decision and pick out the best pair for your application.

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