Safety Straps

The purpose of patient restraint straps or immobilizer straps is to ensure the safety and protection of the patient in potentially hazardous environments. They help to keep the patient in a safe and secure position to allow medical professionals to work accurately. Also, they immobilize the patient so that the doctor, tech, or any medical professional has unobstructed access to work. In fact, keeping the patient secure and in place prevents the risk of nerve damage or potential muscle pain that can occur if the patient is to properly or securely positioned. They ensure a stable and non-volatile experience for both the patient and surgeon.

At Phillips Safety, we are a family-owned company with more than 100 years of providing safety gear under our belts. We are proud to be continuously expanding our wheelhouse of products to include protection in all segments. This includes medical environments. We are especially happy to present our line of in house manufactured patient safety straps and immobilizer straps. We have a commitment to our customers’ safety at Phillips. Phillips Safety wants our customers to know how important patient safety straps are in a multitude of environments. This is why we are proud to not only carry this line, but to manufacture it ourselves.

Thankfully, these types of immobilizer straps for patients are useful across all medical segments in different scenarios. These scenarios include dental procedures, surgeries, and more. They secure to almost any professional surface such as patient beds, transfer tables, or patient chairs.

At Phillips, we are happy to carry a line that comes in different lengths, sizes, and materials. This means that we have the immobilizer strap or patient safety strap for any potential situation. Additionally, our line includes straps with adjustable buckles, Velcro hook and loop, and combination buckles and hooks.

Surely, the importance of patient restraint straps cannot be stressed enough. This is why we are proud to offer our assortment of immobilizer straps. The lengths we carry are extensive and will cover men, women, or children of all ages and sizes. They perform in any hospital, clinic, or medical setting with ease.

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