Athermal Green Lenses

Phillips Safety’s athermal green lenses are a high-quality passive filter lenses that can be a terrific option when you are welding. Whether you are a new welder or have been in the industry for quite some time, these lenses can help you complete the best possible welds.

Simply put, these lenses are of the highest quality. The glass in these lenses is made in a small factory in Europe that makes only the best welding glass for lenses. Picking up these lenses, you will immediately notice that they do not contain striations or inclusions. Rather, these lenses have stellar optical clarity. They offer great visual acuity, allowing you to see extremely clearly when completing a job.

Ultimately, these athermal green lenses can help you get any job done. Their makeup and low price make them an extremely attractive option for welders everywhere. Simply put, by purchasing these lenses, you can take advantage of quality that is simply unrivaled on the market today. We invite you to check them out!

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