Radiation Glasses Oakley NFL Collection

Phillips Safety present an exclusive line of Oakley NFL Collection for Radiation Safety Glasses. read more

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At Phillip’s safety, we take pride in equipping our customers with optical protection for all environments. However, as hard as our customers work in their professions, we believe they deserve the chance to display their individuality. This is why we are excited to be launching our line of official NFL licensed Oakley Radiation glasses. This collection is unique to those who work in any profession that exposes them to radiation. Pick your team’s colors and logo out of our 32 color options for the Holbrook NFL Oakley frames. These frames have a classic square hipster shape, and are extremely sporty with their team color designs. Additionally, the lenses on these frames are SF-6 Schott Glass radiation reducing. They also provide 0.75mmPb lead equivalency. Also, these glasses are the perfect frames for those that work with radiation in the lab or the medical field to show their team spirit on the job. Leaded glasses, or radiation glasses, protect your eyes from the harmful effects of radiation. Oakley makes the Holbrook NHL frames out of high-quality polycarbonate and distortion-free. This makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear on your face all day. Wearing these spirited frames makes you a true fan whose loyalty goes unquestioned. All football fans will appreciate these glasses. True football fans also understand the importance of protecting their eyes. While working with radiation, your eyes are one of the most easily damaged and at-risk parts of your body. The lens of your eyes can be damaged irreversibly, even by the lowest doses of radiation. This damage often presents itself in the form of radiation induced cataracts. Having good eyesight is often a necessity for those that work in the medical field or any segment involving radiation. Those that work in the lab can also suffer from these harmful effects, especially when trying to use the microscope or lasers. At Phillips Safety, we are confident that we have the ability to protect our customers from the harmful effects of radiation. We are proud to be able to do it with frames that represent all of your favorite teams. Phillips Safety is happy to be with you on and off the field!

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