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The economical 70-PC frame comes in transparent black, equipped with removable opaque black side shields. The frame has a comfortable fit and has been an industry safety standard for many years. ANSI Z87.1-2003 APPROVED.

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  1. Jim Tate (verified owner)

    I have been a borosilicate glassblower since 2014 and have tried shade #3 and shade #5 didymium glasses from Nectar,, and Aura Visual Concepts. However i must say, without any iota of doubt, that these BoroTruView glasses supersedes any kind of glassblowing or lampworking glasses on the market today. The quality of this product absolutely blows every other company out of the water. I asked the people of torch talk and other online glassblowers forums about which glasses they suggest for borosilicate lampworking. Out of the 50+ comments that stirred up, over half of them vouched for Phillips Safety glasses. Now i clearly know why. After receiving my uncoated pair of shade #5 BoroTruView glasses, i immediately compared them with my Aura, Nectar, and Amazon lenses. I proceeded to melt a clear glass rod and i looked through each of the lenses to see the differences. The amazon lenses showed the most sodium flare, the Aura lenses were uncomfortably large and heavy and showed equally as much sodium flare as the amazon lenses. The nectar lenses showed the least sodium flare but there was still some yellow glow in the flame that made it through the lens. However, i saw a tremendously noticeable difference in sodium flare reduction from the shade #5 BoroTruView Glasses, compared to the rest of them. While melting the glass completely molten, there was no visual sodium flare or any yellow glow in the flame as i looked through the BoroTruView lenses. It just looks like blue flame touching the glass. No matter what color i used, even if i used dark colors which normally glow the brightest, these lenses prevented any sodium flare flashes or bright spots from appearing and getting to bright for me to see. The BoroTruView glasses are also much lighter, less expensive, more comfortable, and more durable than Aura, Nectar, or Amazon lenses. My old Aura glasses used to weigh down on my face and slide forward since they were so heavy and loose. But these BoroTruView glasses stay on snug and stay in place. If you are contemplating whether to buy glasses from Aura, or any other manufacturer, i suggest saving that money, and trust a company that has been in business, owned, and run by glass artists for over 100 years, rather than from some guy who started in his basement. I’ve personally had a bad experience with the owner of Aura Visual Concepts. He refused and failed to provide customer service to me simply because “he didnt want to” I have also heard from multiple other people in online glassblowing forums that they too have, unfortunately, had bad customer service experiences with the owner and employees at Aura Visual Concepts. Here at Phillips Safety i guarantee you will be helped by the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff members, anytime and every time. There is even an option to live chat with employees on this website, but Aura and the other companies dont have that type of customer service. I used the customer chat on this webiste to ask some questions about these glasses before i bought them, and the representative kindly, descriptively and professionally answered all my questions without getting angry for no reason, and deciding to cut me off as a customer, which is exactly what the owner of Aura Visual Concepts did when i asked them questions about their products. I strongly recommend this company and these glasses for any future glassblowing needs. They have the best products ive used and the best customer service along with it. If youre looking to get new didymium glasses for borosilicate glassblowing, This is the place!

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