Laser Strike Blue/Green Beam Reduction Glasses in Model 703


Sharp corners and stylish angles make the 703 Laser Strike glasses a frame you can be happy about wearing. The head-hugging wraparound frame comes with perforated rubber nosepieces for increased breathability and grip—an essential feature on leaded eyewear.

For the Reduction of Blue and Green Beams in laser pointers.

Wavelength     Optical Density

190-400nm                5+

445-450nm               2+

532nm                       2.5+

VLT: 43.0%

Lens Color: Orange/Peach

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Phillips Safety

Frame Materials


Frame Style

Rectangle, Wrap-Around


Male, Female


Medium, Large

Laser Filter Type

PSPBG Blue Green Reduction Filter

Frame Features

Rubber Nosepad



Frame Color

Black, Brown, Charcoal Gray


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