Laser Protection Removable Film for UV,Nd:YAG and Holmium

Laser Protective Removable Film for UV, Nd:YAG and Holmium applications.

Color: Light Blue

Dimensions:  Available in pieces and rolls. 1 meter wide (39.5″), minimum length 1/2 meter

CE Certified

  • Window Material: Film
  • Laser Type: Holmium Nd:YAG, UV
  • Protection:
    • OD 5+@ 266 – 355nm
      OD 5+@ 1064nm
      OD 3+@ 808 – 2100nm
      OD 3+@10600nm
  • Standards ANSI Z136.1
    CE EN207
  • TransmissionVLT 30%


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