HT-YAG Laser Protective Acrylic Sheet, Pale Green

$1.75 sq. in.

HT-YAG is an Acrylic laser safety window offering protection primarily from Highest transmission YAG-protective sheet available.  Protection for broad band A, CO(2), excimer, UV curing applications, gallium arsenide GaAs, Nd:YAG. Laser windows can be custom cut, molded, and drilled to your CAD specifications for use in enclosures or machine windows. This laser safety window may provide protection from other laser wavelengths not listed. Please see Product Information for additional information about this filter or contact us. Filter specifications can be permanently engraved on the window. Custom sizes and shapes available. This laser safety viewing window meets and/or exceed US ANSI Z136 standards for use with lasers. .125″ Thickness

Maximum Sheet Size 24″ X 36″

OD 5+ 190-400nm
OD 3+ 800-1080nm
OD 5+ 860-1064nm
OD 6+  1064nm
OD 5+ 10600nm


The requested dimensions will be held to +1/16″ tolerance.  If you require a more precise tolerance, do not order on this site.  Send your request to for a quote.

Total Area (sq. in.)
Product Price

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Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in
Laser Filter Type



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