13 Inches Velcro/Nylon Wrist Straps, Set of 4


The 13 Inches Velcro/Nylon Wrist Straps are replacement straps for the XL Radiolucent Papoose Board. Each wrist strap is 13″ in length and this product comes with four (4) wrist straps. In addition, the wrist straps are great to keep patients from moving. They prevent unnecessary movement and struggle by keeping a firm grip on the patient’s wrists. When using these straps, medical professionals can get a clear scan during the medical imaging process due to a lack of patient movement. The wrist straps are also great for both additional arm immobilization and keeping the torso open. The torso flap can be kept open when using these wrist straps, giving the medical professional more options when working with their patient. Using these straps provide more restraining options for the medical professional to use as needed. This is due in part to the diagonal design of the papoose boards.

As an alternative to the 13 Inches Velcro/Nylon Wrist Straps, check out our collection of Papoose boards and accessories.

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