3 Tier XLarge Flap Set


The 3 Tier XLarge Flap Set is an accessory for the XL Radiolucent Papoose Board that is MRI Safe. The board is a great tool to use during MRI and X-Ray Scans. This strap set and the XL Board are meant for patients that are teenagers or adults. Through the use of Velcro® hook and loop fasteners, the medical professional can safely secure the patient. In addition, due to the boards’ diagonal design, the straps can be fastened in a crisscross pattern. This directly results in a snug-fitting restraint that is secure, yet safe. The 4 arm/wrist straps in the XL Radiolucent Papoose board kit help restrain the patient. As a result, the medical professional can open certain flaps to get a scan of the patient’s torso while maintaining security. If you like the 3 Tier XLarge Flap Set, look into our Papoose Board collection!

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