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The Large Radiolucent Papoose Board is an MRI-Safe board for children that are 6-12 years old. The metal-free construction of the board prevents artifacts during the medical diagnostic imaging procedure. The complete set includes 1 board along with 1 padded three-tier flap set, a padded head strap as well as a 4 arm/wrist strap. The large papoose board weighs 6 lbs, making it easy to move when needed. In addition, the hanging hole design provides an easy storage solution. This large board is 48″ in length and 11″ at its widest point. Due to its latex-free and MRI-safe design, it provides a comfortable experience for the patient.

The Papoose board operates on the prevent splint principle of binding the child to a rigid board to suppress struggling. This results in a clean scan for the medical professional. With the canvas flaps, a medical professional can effortlessly restrain a patient. In addition, the 4 arm/wrist straps can provide additional arm immobilization. Utilizing selective restraint, the flaps can be open to scan the patient while they are still secure with the head and arm straps.

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CAUTIONS: Use the restraint only under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner and only when medically necessary for the safety and protection of the patient. Use the Board only for temporary restraint never for continuous or long-term restraint. Make sure the restraint does not impair the patients breathing or circulation, or cause overheating or positional injuries.

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