Radiation Shielding Pleated Table Shield


The Radiation Shielding Pleated Table Shield is a radiation table shield that complies with CDC Efficacy guidelines for Category IB disinfection protocol for noncritical medical devices. With overall dimensions of 21.5″ W x 24″ L, this Radgenic shield adds an extra layer of protection with a lead core of 0.5mm Pb Eq. Plus, it is made from a polyurethane coated fabric which can be easily cleaned and disinfected with Quaternary or Isopropyl disinfectant wipes. The Radiation Shielding Pleated Table Shield is non-porous, with a smooth surface, and fully sealed seams. It is also latex free, has no Velcro, and is soil and stain resistant. This Radgenic radiation table shield is available in four different colors: white, gray, blue, and green. For more options, check out our Barriers and Shields collection.

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