Interventional X-Ray Barrier, LB-8060


The Seated Interventional X-ray Barrier allows you to work comfortably in a variety of positions, while standing or sitting. There is a combination of a flexible lead rubber shield that covers your feet and lower body. This barrier allows you to work comfortably, while maintaining 0.5mm lead equivalent X-ray protection. It is mobile and moves easily. It may also be locked in position with its locking casters. The barrier may be rotated vertically 360 degrees and has a flexible Velcro attached, lead rubber shield that is 14 inches wide. The clear lead acrylic barrier measures 80 cm. wide by 60 cm. high (23.6″x31.5″) less the cutout areas. The lower lead rubber shield is 65 cm. wide by 89 cm. high.

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