Shielded Waste Containers

Shielded waste containers are available with 2 standard designs with any thickness of lead shielding and size. However, custom designs are available to meet your needs.

The Model 7-121224-.25 Shielded Waste Container has 0.25” lead shielding and is ideal for the rapid and safe disposal of gloves and other small items. The unique lid with a hinged-door is designed to shield the employee from the contents of the container even when the lid is open. Two lifting handles make it easy to remove the top to empty the decayed contents.

The Model RDW-CAN has a rugged steel construction. Shielded with 1/8″ of lead-ideal for low energy radioactive waste. Leverage foot petal with hinged lid for “hands free” operation. Available in durable white glossy finish or stainless steel exterior.

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