Super Magenta Drop in Welding Lens Small 2 x 4.25, #WLD-SMD-WFS

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When welding, there are three kinds of wave energies that you must protect against: ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), and visible light. UV and IR are invisible yet very harmful to the eye, and standard green IR lenses block them. Visible light, on the other hand, can be very painful and bright, and standard green welding filters don’t eliminate all of it. The problem is the yellow and near orange flare of your arc or flame; during welding, these bright flares can interfere with your view of the work.

Our Super Blue welding lens reduces yellow flare, but what works even better is our new Super Magenta Drop-In. This acrylic lens gives even better flare reduction than the Super Blue, and it enhances the color and visual clarity of your work. This is also a drop-in lens and needs to be used along with your standard welding shade. The advanced material used to make this lens erases the yellow and orange colors of the spectrum while enhancing the other colors. The resulting view is outstanding.

When you are being paid to make a perfect weld, perfect vision is indispensable. The Super Magenta lens gives you that perfect vision. Reactions from our testers were amazing! Every single one raved about the clarity, color separation and excellent view while using this lens.

We call this the Super Magenta lens, and it is to be used ONLY in addition to your standard welding shade. The filter lens will add about 1/2 of a shade, so you can use it with your normal welding lens.


Simply drop the Super Magenta lens in behind your current standard shade and cover lens. Protect it from spatter, as acrylic will pit if spatter hits it. With proper care, this lens should give you years of trouble free service. To clean, rinse the lens with water before drying off with a clean, soft cloth or new paper towel. This lens will scratch if mixed in a tool kit without being covered, so if you are going to store it, it’s a good idea to keep it covered or in the envelope it was shipped in.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 0.25 in


  1. Nate pribble (verified owner)

    I’m a union journeyman boilermaker, and I weld all 3 processes in different power plants. This lense is amazing!! No video demo can do it justice.. I promise if you get this lense, and pair it up with any lense you’ll be super satisfied! I do highly suggest pairing it with their mirrored gold lense, it’s the best clarity and color I’ve ever seen!

    • rxsafety

      Hi Nate! Thank you for your review! Send to us a picture using your lenses, so we can repost you on Instagram at @phillips_safety

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