Cobalt Blue Neotherm Glass Sheet

$2.00 sq. in.

Phillips Safety offers Neotherm in Shades 4, 5, 6 and 8. The glass absorbs UV Radiance, and harmful Infrared Emissions in the 780 to 2000nm range and can be used for furnace and glory hole observation.   All of our Neotherm Lenses are certified to EN 166 and EN 171 standards.  Do Not Use These Lenses for Welding Applications.

NOTE:  Contact our sales-team ( for guidance on use with extreme temperatures.  Misuse of the product at extreme temperatures could lead to glass breakage.

The requested dimensions will be held to +1/16″ tolerance.  If you require a more precise tolerance, do not order on this site.  Send your request to for a quote.

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